"I'm a web developer...
that's how I managed
to stay single all
these years..."

Let Me Introduce Myself

hi. my name is chris.

I am a front-end web developer/web & graphic designer. christopherstengel.com is my professional website, portfolio, and online resume. Also, I have a sense of humor and love quoting movies. So if you could stay for a while and look around my site... that would be great. Thanks a bunch.

web optimized bio.

If this bio was not optimized for the web, I assure you it would be much longer! Anyway, here is an inside look at the guy behind the guy behind the guy on this webpage. You already know my name (Chris) and I grew up in Maryland. I basically went to high school on a farm, but we had sports too so I played football, baseball, and ran track. Next, I spent the majority of my undergrad in Western Massachusetts and earned my Bachelors of Arts in Art from Westfield State University. While I was in college, I played football, and was even an All-American punter my junior year! Then, I decided I needed more student loan debt so naturally I pursued a Master of Arts Degree. I was successful in amassing more debt, but I also received my Masters of Arts in Digital Art. Fast forward to now, I moved to the Rocky Mountains where I am a web developer for Covidien.

Lastly, if I had to describe myself in three words they would be:
Unrelenting, resourceful, and alpha male.

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chris knows...

content strategy css3 jQuery ux design javascript cross browser compatibility wordpress html5 responsive design excel word google analytics photoshop branding xml seo dreamweaver powerpoint project management web design logo design illustrator cms php

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adobe cc
responsive design

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I have both corporate and freelance web and graphic design and development experience.

I have marketing experience in a small business and corporate environment.

I have experience with corporate web content strategy, user experience design, and search engine optimization.

Lastly, I am not just a developer or just a designer. I look at everything that impacts my company's web presence as well as ways that it can be improved. My value is not just in my skills, but my ideas as well.

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