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I am a web & ux designer and front end web developer for the world's largest medical device manufacturer, Medtronic. At this grandios company, I work my magic/wizardry on the Minimally Invasive Therapies website, formerly known as Covidien. The magic, etc. that I work on this beast includes designing its functionality and aesthetic quality. (For normal english speaking technical folk, I create wireframes and color mock ups, do some prototyping, and sometimes I even get my hands dirty with some front end web development.) I hail from the east coast, but now I live in the mountains. I love sports, quoting movies, and staying active. long walks on the beach aren't too bad either. I also love traveling to new places, exploring the outdoors, eating lots of carbs, and not capitalizing properly because sometimes you have to break the rules. I completed my undergrad in massachusetts and earned my masters degree in maryland. I am a former college football player and cats and dogs rock....hard. Also...I like professional wrestling.

web skills


ux design

developing wireframes and prototypes in order to satisfy user needs on websites

utilizing standard web practices in my designs to deliver experiences users expect on the web

creating user personas to find who is using our website, what they want, and how they digest content on the web

web design

creating web designs to display content to users in a very aesthetically pleasing manor

adhering to brand standards when applicable

creating full color mock ups to let people know what their website could look like

web development

developing custom web pages using html, css, jQuery, javascript, and sass (on occasion)

ensuring that the pages i build are compatible with multiple web browsers



designing responsive websites

staying up on the Google search algorithms

creating unique content and logical content heirarchies for webpages

programming skills

† taller is better

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